Turkish company ISIKBAHARAT was founded in 1995 and since that we are proud to offer our customers consistently high quality natural products on an ongoing basis. The original principle of our work is to offer the consumer natural cosmetics and natural products that are able to bring all the healing power of herbs in a convenient format and at the best prices. Another subject of pride is the extensive range of products of plant origin. Today in our portfolio there are more than 120 different types of products manufactured in compliance with the sanitary standards under the supervision of food engineers and chemists.

Our products are delivered to any place in Turkey with the help of prestigious wholesale and marketing firms. We are always open for cooperation with reliable wholesale companies worldwide.

IsıkBaharat Products manufactured in accordance with TS EN-ISO-9001 Quality Management System:2008 and ISO 22000. Produced with the permission of the Ministry of Agriculture of the safety management of food and agriculture, and in accordance with the sanitary standards of the Turkish food code.


ISIK BAHARAT is a modern dynamic Turkish manufacturer of natural cosmetics, organic products and medicinal plant mixes. The production plant is equipped with modern facilities, which helped to keep natural properties of herbs.


Medicinal plants and herbs are priceless treasure trove of nature and are used for the treatment and prevention of various illness. Nutritional properties of medicinal plants are also highly valued and used in the cuisines of different nations worldwide. Our cosmetics and dietary supplements are made from the medicinal herb mixes.


ISIK BAHARAT company is engaged not only in production process, but also in the development of natural products and herbs research. The history of each product starts in the company laboratory, where professional chemical engineers develops formulas, unique herbs compositions and formulations.


ISIKBAHARAT products are made from natural organic ingredients on its own modern factory, located in Istanbul, Turkey. Here innovative products are born and have no analogues in the world. The quality management system of the company and production plant is certified according to international standards.

Quality Control

Quality control of production process is carried out at each stage, and before leaving the factory, all products are subject to final quality control. Thus, you are 100% can be assured that the purchased products are safe, effective and conform to its description. We do not test products on animals.